frequently asked questions

What makes you qualified to be my stylist?

I am a certified Image Consultant, Personal Shopper, and Personal Stylist (click here to read more). I've been providing my styling expertise over the last decade and professionally for the last 2 years in the greater Oklahoma City area. For more information about me please visit my "About" page.


How is pivotal style different/more EFFECTIVE than other clothing STYLING services?

No algorithm, no brand loyalty, no mass marketing gimmicks; just personalized customer service centered around you looking your best. I truly focus on personalizing my services to you as an individual, not as a number. Personal style is not a one-size-fits-all and no computer algorithm can truly determine what you need to look and feel your best. Every aspect of this service has been strategically formulated to ensure that I keep it personal to understand your true goals and deliver with the most successful results. 


What if I live out of town?

Although we are located in OKC, my services travel well and I would be most happy to come to you. Please reach out for more information. Additionally, I do emergency and refresher styling sessions over video chat. Click here to get started


What if I want to buy your services as a gift?

What better way to congratulate big milestones in your loved one’s lives than give them a gift that can benefit them personally, professionally, and boost their confidence? Click here to get started


From where do you purchase clothing?

A little bit of everywhere! Although I love to shop local; Oklahoma has some amazing options. I primarily focus on places that will meet my clients’ goals, budgets, and style most affectively. Unlike other styling services or styling sites, I am not restricted by brand contracts. Therefore, my ability to find the perfect pieces is limitless!


What forms of payment do you accept and when is payment due for services?

We accept Facebook pay, Venmo, PayPal, cash, check and credit cards. An initial deposit is required upfront, which will then count towards your final styling fees. 


Still have questions? Ask away! Please visit my contact form by clicking here.